Ahoy Team ! The Mast for Creative Project Success

dEX Lingo
dEX Lingo
Ahoy Team ! The Mast for Creative Project Success

Leading a team can be herculean but leading a creative team is a vast land of opinions and creative philosophies.

How do you get past the chaos to lead your team to that goal?  How do you curb the social loafing and team banters.

Well,we have a Creative Director who simply know the hacks to make that team,the team your clients need!



Benjamin Anyan is a force to reckon with in the creative industry,here in Ghana.

Currently a Creative Director for Publicis Ghana, he has had regional and local business portfolios worth over $100M and has gained a functional and directive span of experience in digital and traditional marketing.

When he is not busy upping his portfolio with clients like the USAID,PZ Africa,Nestle West Africa,Scancom.Lonestar Cell and Coca-Cola,to mention a few,he runs a sleek necktie shop as proof to his creativity and dapper juice.



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