Sketch and Strokes to Success: The Illustrator’s Guide

dEX Lingo
dEX Lingo
Sketch and Strokes to Success: The Illustrator's Guide

Colours, brushes and a lot of outlines.

Whew! That’s a lot but we have the breakdown on this episode with an industry illustrator yogi who has built a career in illustration and has setup a seemingly odd ensemble of a brand that has stolen the hearts of the younger generation.


Delali Avemegah is an  artpreneur, a storyteller and a music head . He currently works at Fish & Plankton, an independent, creative publishing company based in Ghana, as the CEO who foresees the team’s goals into developing stories that sell.

With Fish & Plankton’s strong network of f writers,  artists, illustrators, volunteers and social listeners, they  develop books for children in Africa and the rest of the world and believe that good stories are great tools to educate, inspire and engage the children of our generation.


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